Hugo vs Quarto: Which One is Better for 2024?

Hugo Blox Team

Should I use Hugo or Quarto to make my personal website in 2024?

A comparison between Hugo (the application which generates Hugo Blox sites) and Posit’s Quarto product.

Open Source
LanguageGoHaskell, JS, Lua
Restrictive GPLv2 license?
Commercial, profit-driven organization?
New project with many breaking changes leading to broken sites?
Flexibility to design any kind of site?
Fast website generation?
Complex Installation/Dependencies
Non-Standard, proprietary page format (.qmd)?
Optimized SEO?
Run R code within Markdown?
Well established community for support?
GitHub Stars70,0002,000
GitHub Contributors77699
GitHub LinkHugoQuarto
Best forEveryone: all-around performance, design, and SEOStatisticians who need to run R code in their site rather than just display code snippets

Are you an R Statistician? Did you know Hugo has an integration with RStudio, so you can directly write in RMarkdown or Jupyter Notebook, without having to install complex Haskell-based software such as Quarto?