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Hugo Blox is an all-in-one, no-code framework for creators, researchers, and marketers who want to accelerate their impact and grow their audience through landing pages, online courses, and digital downloads.

Whether you're going viral on social media or bringing your in-person courses online, with Hugo Blox you own your content and your readers’ experience.

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Whether you’re marketing your business services, showcasing your resumé, starting an online course or podcast, or building a business working from home, you can do it all with the open source Hugo Blox Builder.


Join Nvidia in showcasing the incredible work of your team and attract new talent. Import publications from Bibtex.

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Marketing: Landing Pages

Rank high on search engines with ultra-fast SEO-optimized landing pages. Easily create startup websites, marketing websites, and landing pages to accelerate your business growth.

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Maximise conference attendance and attendee experience. Fully customizable sections for speakers, talks, agenda, and much more!

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Online Courses

Join leading educational institutions such as Princeton University in publishing online courses with Hugo Blox.

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Build a professional blog, edit posts in the free Decap CMS, and earn a living working from home. Even blog from Jupyter Notebooks!

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Project Documentation

Create and share technical notes or a team wiki knowledge base. Write math, diagrams, and much more!

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Portfolios & Résumés

Stand out from the crowd and increase your salary by creating your job-winning online résumé including bio, socials, experience, education, skills, and languages.

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Freedom to Create any Site You Want - whilst owning your data!

Hugo Blox Builder is used by more than 250,000 teams and professional creators to easily create beautiful websites and grow their audience — no coding needed yet open source for unlimited flexibility ⚡️

The most popular Hugo community (10k+ stars on GitHub) - unlock access to all free and premium Hugo themes now 🔥

Why build your site with Hugo Blox?

  • 🧱 Easily build any kind of website with Tailwind blocks (no-code)
  • ☁️ Content-focussed - create content online without any installation
  • 🥇 Use a free, open source web app, Hugo, to generate your site
    • NO JavaScript or HTML knowledge required, unlike the competition!
More reasons why you should choose Hugo Blox:
  • 🕵🏻‍♀️ Privacy-first - take full control of your data and your brand!
  • 🆓 Free - support the Open Source movement
  • 👽 No lock-in! Write your content in future-proof, Markdown-formatted text files
    • Your pages can be edited and viewed in any text editor forever!
  • 👥 One of the largest communities for support (over 10k stars on GitHub)

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“A project that helps you put together a website with Markdown and Hugo. While it’s geared towards educators and researchers, anyone can use it — and it comes with a variety of widgets and themes to help share your work quickly.”



“If you’re an academic you need a website so that people can easily find info about your research and publications. Here’s how to make your own website for free in an under an hour.

Dan Quintana


“I have been so satisfied with my website built from Markdown using the awesome Hugo Blox framework.”

Nathan Genetzky


Very proud of the new DAPPER Stats website we #MadeWithHugoBlox!”


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